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Discover Features

Discover the amazing features that make your home stand out.

Our home takes pride in the quality and innovative features of our houses. 

Enhance your best features and let your true routine of activity shines through. 

Let us introduce you to our brand partners that share our commitment to excellence.

The Complete Air Management System Controls your indoor environment automatically, sensing the presence of people and their activities and helping keep everyone comfortable.

Elevate your bathroom experience with TOTO’s extensive range of well-designed toilet products.
Your toilet reappears clean anew every time.

We provide high-quality products
with various features according
to the building type. Our products
are adopted in various projects in Indonesia contributing to realizing comfortable life.

Mobility for people and goods Schindler lifts
are standardized or customized to integrate
perfectly into your building’s architecture
and software system. Easy to plan, they are suited
to all building types and shaft sizes.

Toyota Housing Roof “Japan Technology Roof System” with three layers of water barrier (bitumen roof,
asphalt membrane, and cement board) provides multiple protection against roof leaks. 

Quadra is at the forefront of
cutting-edge technology.The techniques of
super compacting, sintering, and 3D
decorative digital printing is carried out using
cutting-edge technologies.

We pursue safety, comfort, and design stylish
and environmentally friendly performance in
our products. To build the world
into a better place for living.

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