CitraLand Megah Batam

Welcome to CitraLand Megah Batam

Citraland Megah is the “Crown of Batam”. A shining jewel amongst the urban landscape of this strategic island. Another masterpiece from the creative visionaries of the Ciputra Group.

Citraland Megah exists as Batam’s very first international standard, luxury residence. Following the natural, winding contours of the surrounding land, Citraland Megah combines the rustic charm of nature with the modern conveniences one would expect in an exclusive high-end neighborhood.

This premier residence is dotted with an abundance of welcoming open spaces, artistic wonders, and elegant tropical greenery, perfectly complementing the chic minimalist architecture of each of our signature homes.

Citraland Megah is a lifestyle haven, catering to the social nature and needs of every individual. Spacious and comfortable gathering spots and social corners can be found throughout the entire development. Combined with EcoCulture, Ciputra Group has a great vision to create a community that has an environmentally friendly.

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